Sunday, 15 June 2008

Garden Blooms Needlefelt ATC

Here is my second attempt at needle felting. A bit more of my untidy embroidery this time, but as Nature isn't always tidy, I think I got away with it this time. lol
Now my brain cell is hurting, as I'm thinking what my next NF should be! Should I try a sea scape or maybe a tree Who knows!
One thing is for sure, I find it very relaxing, it's a bit like painting but with fibres instead of paint, so less messy lol.
Soon in the next 2-3 weeks I shall be moving to a gorgeous council bungalow, with my very own proper garden.
I will have to pack up all my other crafting gear for the move, but my needle felting box will stay by me, as it doesn't take up much room, then I can continue crafting in my spare moments between sorting and packing.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


My first attempt at needle felting
Since Connie showed us how to needle felt, I have been itching to have a go.
Here is my first attempt, and Connie is right, it is very relaxing, and quite easy to do, and I didn't even mind doing the bit of embroidery on it, lol. Embroidery is not my best subject, but I am quite pleased with how it has turned out.
I hadn't got any of the coloured woolly stuff, except for some white kindly given to me by Connie.
So I found out my suede brush and some oddments of coloured felt, and after a couple of hours brushing, and a sore finger and thumb, lol, I had sufficient to get started.
Now I am eager to start another one, and see how the next one looks. Watch this space. lol

Sunday, 8 June 2008

A day at Connies

left to Right. Me, my daughter Angy, my sister Brenda, Helen, and our Hostess with the mostest, Connie. Connie's lovely hubby John took the photo for me.

It was a lovely day, and we spent the whole time chatting about crafts, eating cakes and drinking tea, we ended up in the garden as the weather was kind to us.

Then Connie gave us a demo on needle felting, and now we're all itching to have a

Thanks for a day to remember Connie.

Friday, 6 June 2008

Lady Violet and Encounter Sculptured heads

One evening I was busy "playing" with Fimo, I had made "Lady Violet" and layered her over some pretty glittery mesh fabric onto a shaving foam background, when my daughter Angy called.
"I want to play" Angy said, "Whats stopping you?" was my reply, lol.
You can't (or maybe you can lol) imagine the fun we had that evening as we created between us several very different heads.
While we were playing, we decided it would be a lot of fun to host a Sculptured head Swap on our forum on Docrafts.
Angy being the brainy one would be host, and I (useful sometimes lol) would be her buddy.
And so the Sculptured head swap was started. We gave what we thought was a long deadline 30th June. but the weeks are flying by so quickly lol, I'm just glad that mine are already made.
Angy tells me that they are arriving, but won't let me see them yet except one that was sent to me as a buddy RAK from Sherry, a very talented lady, and it's absolutely gorgeous.
I can't wait untill the deadline is reached, so that I will have the pleasure of seeing them all and helping Angy sort them. There will be some happy forum members when they start arriving on the participating forum members door mats, I'm sure.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Make a Moo or two

I thought I would like to enter the "Make a Moo or two" Challenge.
Each Friday a new challenge starts, this week the theme is Beige/brown /cream.
They are both made from scraps and off cuts that I keep in a little box, should I need them, and now obviously I do, lol.
The first one "Quiet Time" I puched and added the little cream flowers, the title was already on the background, and I thought it was a good title for the little girl who appears to be saying her prayers, so a little bow beneath and some brown centers to the flowers was all it needed as I had already edged the card with brown ink and embossed it with holographic powder.
I stamped and edged the background for the second one "Flower Fairy" with my brown ink pad and again embossed it with my holographic powder. The little fairy didn't show up too well so I edged her with a brown Whispers pen, I hope I haven't spoiled her in doing that, but at least she shows up better. The knotted ribbon at the bottom and some ribbon pushed through from the back at the top, overlaid with a punched flower, two decoupaged leaves with a little flower left over from a previous project, gave me the finish I wanted.
My favourite is the one on the left "quiet Time" she has such a lovely little face, reminds me of my two eldest granddaughters when they were small as they too had/have lovely dark hair with soft curls like hers.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Make a Moo or two (Cats)

Each Friday a new challenge starts, this week the theme is Cats.
The first one "Ancestors" I printed two Egyptian cats the same, cut one out and gold embossed it, (I stamped all the cats with Stazon on matt silver card and cut them out, and gave them all green glitter pen eyes), I sewed the chains on from the back, then added the brads, and wrote by hand "Ancestors" on more matt silver card, then gold embossed the edges of the card.

For the second one "Curiosity" I printed the black cats face back ground on card stock, the silver cat is sat on some recycled packaging on which I added the blades of grass with the green glitter pen, the 9 and the count down 8-1 depict the cats nine lives (curiosity killed the cat!) I printed and cut the no 9 out of card, added Anita's 3 D clear gloss to the eyes of the background cat and to the no nine, and edged the card with silver embossing.

The third one "Cats love the sun" the background is from a recycled junk mail envelope (I love recycling lol) the letters are alternately, stamped on the background and stamped onto card and then stuck in place, I chalked the ones cut out, but it doesn't show on the photo, The sun and the edges of the card I silver embossed added the gem to depict "Love" then put Anita's 3D clear gloss all over but around the gem and while it was still wet pressed the cat into it.
I look forward to doing more of these little Moo cards, which are much smaller than ATCs and so, more of a challenge.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

A day at Bridgenorth

It seems ages since I was able to add anything to my blog, due to problems with my PC, that occurred after it being upgraded with a new motherboard.

Now thanks to my daughter in law Shell and, my grandson Richard and one new hard drive, more memory and a lot of tweeking, it seems to be working perfectly and much better than ever before (fingers crossed).

Sue and her Hubby Frank (aka Frankiesue) came to stay at a nearby hotel last weekend , so that they could spend some time with Angy and her family and myself.

Would't you just know, that I had to go and get a nasty tummy bug, so was unable to join them at the meal out on Sunday.

Feeling a bit better on Monday I enjoyed the day out to a local beauty spot with them, a quaint olde worlde town called Bridgenorth. The weather was a disappointment though, with gale force winds and it threatened rain, which we were able to avoid by having a very nice meal in a fish and chip restaurant there. Despite the weather we all had an enjoyable day together and Sue and Frank have promised to come again soon.

I forgot my friend Connie's advice to strap my new camara around my neck LOL, and forgot to take it with me, but Sue took some photos for us to remember the occasion, and if she lets me have one or two , I will put them on my blog at a later date.

This picture I got from Google again. It seems that I will never learn LOL.

One twelth scale trees

This is a picture of the two trees that Angy and I made as a project for our Dolls house club. Angy asked me to finish hers off as she was busy getting her B A with honours degree. Well done Angy I am very proud of you.
I knew Angy was hoping to make her tree as a blossom tree, so I thought I would surprise her and have a go at making it into a Magnolia tree. (The one on the right).
Mine has just leaves, punching the leaves and attaching them was a very tedious task, I ended up with very sore shoulders and chest lol, now I can see that about at least as many leaves again are needed for it to anything like resemble a real tree LOL (maybe sometime later , when and if I can find the patience.
It doesn't show up very well on the photo, but the trees are planted into "Soil" make from used teabags and PVA glue with added moss and paper foliage. We made the trunks and branches with florists wire and I covered them with PVA and pieces of kitchen towel, before painting and adding Leaves/Magnolia blossoms.