Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Part of the garden to my bungalow

The picture is a small part of the garden to the bungalow, There is evidence that it once was a very beautiful garden, it has character and cries out for someone to love it. I do, and fortunately so does my son in law Tess and the twins, who have all promised to help make it beautiful again.

I haven't added anything to my blog for ages, as I have had a lot to do getting ready for my move to the bungalow. The bungalow has only one bedroom, at present I occupy a two bed roomed flat.
I am/was a hoarder, so accumulated "junk" had to be sorted.
Have I used it in the last year? no, so out it goes.
Not as easy as it sounds. for instance regarding a big bag of pieces of soft leather.....have I used it in the last year?, Yes. how much have I used? two small pieces. Am I likely to need it again? Yes. So with tears in my eyes LOL I sorted a few good sized pieces of different colours, into a tiny bag in comparison, and binned the rest.
This very slow method of sorting, finally achieved my aim of getting everything into one shelved double wardrobe instead of two, etc, etc,.
Not everything was binned, Some stuff would be useful to Angy's art and craft club at the school where she works, for instance several large oval or round shaped pieces of mountboard, Hoards of papers, most of which I had already scanned and saved on my PC, Beads etc etc.
I became a regular visitor to the local Sue Rider charity shop, and only once failed to resist buying new stuff to take back with me lol, and that time it was a pair of unworn comfy shoes, for £4.50 which proved to be a good buy, as they are blissfully comfortable, a rarity indeed for me.

Another view of the bungalow garden

This view shows a bit more of the garden looking from the opposite direction from the other picture, but there is loads more that runs down the side of the bungalow.
At the side near the front, there is a piece of garden enclosed by an unruly hedge, the council have promised to remove the hedge to give me more room to get my scooter in and out of the bungalow.
I intend to buy a shed which will go where there previously was one, near the fence but just out of view on the picture.
I will also have access to loft space to store such things as my Christmas tree, decorations, suit cases etc, being in a ground floor flat at present I don't have use of loft space.