Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bashful Fairy ATC

I made this ATC using a picture that I have taken of a toadstool in my garden.
Using my Adobe programme and using 'Layers' I was able to
remove the background and other eliments of the original Fairy picture, and place her on my own picture of my Toadstool.
Now I can say there ARE fairies in my garden, LOL.
I had great fun doing this and I want to experiment more, so........ watch this space LOL.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The garden taking shape

I moved into the bungalow on the 19th of July.
The council removed three large trees from the garden, as there were far too many, and several overgrown hedges and shrubs, were either removed or cut back allowing more light into the garden.
My son in law has put some of my favourite shrubs in for me and dug the border shown in the picture, Which I put my plants in today.
The inside of the bungalow is lovely with a large spacious lounge, decent sized bedroom, and I now have a small computor /craft storage room, which I didn't have before, so I am a very happy Bunny. LOL