Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cutlery Challenge

Introducing Professor Pilchard-Spooney.
He is made using 3 spoons, a pilchard tin, two allen keys, and his hat is a cream horn mould.
I put peel off stars on his body and hat coloured it with Peel off pens and alcohol inks and then removed the peel offs.
A Docrafts forum buddy Nicks had challenged us to Alter cutlery.
Originally this was intended to be a robotic Penguin, but then I found the old cream horn tin mould, which fitted snuggly on the head of my project, and everything changed, lol I just had to use it. I had lots of frustrations fixing it all together, in the end I used "Aroldite Rapid" an old favourite of mine, for awkard sticking jobs. Bit by bit and piece by piece, and very slowly, eventually Professor Pilchard- Spooney evolved.LOL. so named because of his Pilchard tin body and his Spoon head and feet.
I just hope that people will get half as much enjoyment seeing him as I have had, creating him.
If you care to leave a comment, it will be the cherry on the cake (Cream horn maybe? lol) for me.

Friday, 20 March 2009

My first attempt at an Altered Slide mailer.

I created this for my best friend Jane (AKA JustJane) in return for a beautiful one that she sent to me. It so inspired me that I just had to have a go.
I used the textured stamping technique on the front then painted it blue and silver and embossed it with silver embossing powder, I copied Jane's idea of using an altered jigsaw piece to embellish it with, to which I had attached a fairy charm , along with some fibers to which I attached some little crystal beads.
inside I put an image of a fairy and stamped the word Dreams on the inside flap. I really enjoyed doing this.
Jane got me the slide mailers and sent them to me by post, so I shall be working on some more before long.

First day of Spring

Well it's the first day of Spring at last, and here is a piccie of my one eyed cat Peanuts enjoying the sunshine. he has his only eye shut, so looks like any other cat. lol.
Daffodils Hyacinths and Tulips have erupted everywhere in my garden, I did not know that they were there, as this is my first Spring in the bungalow, yet another feature that makes me so happy that I moved here.
Peanuts clearly loves it here
I haven't been too well lately suffering with synus
problems on top of my usual complaint, but a week or two more of this glorious weather (hopefully) will soon chase away the Winter blues, and all the coughs and sniffles associated with it, so that I can get back to some serious crafting.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Altered Art Tin.

We have a new section on Docrafts for Altered Art, and I am spending more and more time on there, and loving every minute.
The people that use this section have wonderful inspirational galleries, full of wonderful ideas and innovative projects. I just cannot resist trying my hand at some of them.
The picture shows my Altered tin, and is for a challenge on the Altered Art section.
It used to contain a jigsaw, and the picture and measurements etc were on the tin in glossy paint.
It took an age to remove the paint by sanding it.
I then covered it with blown vinyl wallpaper, which I attached with Araldite rapid.
I then painted it with some metalic paint given to me by my daughter Angy. Then I stamped and embossed it with sparkling black and silver embossing powder.
The images are stamped on black card and embossed with silver embossing powder, cut out and attached with more Araldite rapid, I then added metal chain and bits and pieces and the black gems, the "Handle" on top I found while out walking my dog. lol. waste not, want not, is my motto. lol

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tile Bracelet

The picture shows two views of my latest project.
I resized 10 Fairy images to 3/4" square and glued them onto mountboard tiles, that I had cut previously.
I then punched the holes in the side edges of the tiles, first measuring where I wanted the holes to go.
I then embossed the edges and backs of the tiles with silver embossing powder. Then covered the images on the fronts with Anita's 3D clear gloss finish to protect them.
using some strong silver yarn I joined the tiles together as shown, putting beads in between each tile.
Fortunately, I didnt need to put a fastener on, as the bracelet slips over my hand nicely.
I enjoyed making something a bit different, and will wear the bracelet tomorrow when I go to meet my friends, I wonder if anyone will notice it. LOL

Monday, 2 February 2009

Brrr! My first Winter in the Bungalow, and this is how the garden looks now. I am nice and warm in here but I can't get out to shop because of the snow. Good job I stocked up yesterday.

It's been snowing non stop all day and the sky is still full of it.

I put my jacket and wellies on earlier, and went to put stuff out for the birds, all kinds of birds have been to feed, and at one time I had eight big fat Wood pidgeons squabbleing over the food on the bird table, lol. I think the word is getting out that a silly old fool will venture out to feed them here, whatever the

Meggy came into the garden with me, and sorry Meggy but thats all the walk you'll be getting today. lol

Sunday, 1 February 2009

My PC/Craftroom

This is where I spend a lot of my time, it was originally a cloakroom / storeroom. To the right there is a double wardrobe where I keep a lot of my craft stash and equipment.
Meggy is sat where she always sits when I am in there, we had to raise the tower on a stool, because Meggy used to switch the computer off by leaning on the
There is a window above the computer, so I can watch the world go by. Note the wheat bag for my feet, lol there is a little radiator in there, so it's nice and warm but my condition means my feet are often cold, so a couple of minutes in the microwave with the wheatbag, and they soon warm up.
There is not a lot of room for crafting, as such, so to do the messier jobs painting , stamping etc, I use my kitchen.

Friday, 30 January 2009

"Blue Angel" and "Dusky Rose" Smellies no longer Available

6 Months Later................................

I cant believe it's been so long since I've edited my Blog! Since moving into my Bungalow, life has been so hectic, but now I am well and truly settled into my new environment, and especially as I am getting ear ache from one or too well meaning friends, (yes you know who you are, lol) I too think it time to do a bit of Blogging.

SMELLI'S have evolved.

A good friend of mine from the Docrafts ATC forum Helen (aka Smelliehelli) has come up with the idea of a new shape to do artwork on. By drawing round a 4" Protractor. Eager to try out anything new, I have done just that, and here are two of my efforts, I first made the background using the textured stamping technique, (I think I've mensioned this tehnique elsewhere, on my Blog) I then painted them and embossed them,and then added cut out photographic images and gems.