Friday, 30 January 2009

"Blue Angel" and "Dusky Rose" Smellies no longer Available

6 Months Later................................

I cant believe it's been so long since I've edited my Blog! Since moving into my Bungalow, life has been so hectic, but now I am well and truly settled into my new environment, and especially as I am getting ear ache from one or too well meaning friends, (yes you know who you are, lol) I too think it time to do a bit of Blogging.

SMELLI'S have evolved.

A good friend of mine from the Docrafts ATC forum Helen (aka Smelliehelli) has come up with the idea of a new shape to do artwork on. By drawing round a 4" Protractor. Eager to try out anything new, I have done just that, and here are two of my efforts, I first made the background using the textured stamping technique, (I think I've mensioned this tehnique elsewhere, on my Blog) I then painted them and embossed them,and then added cut out photographic images and gems.