Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cutlery Challenge

Introducing Professor Pilchard-Spooney.
He is made using 3 spoons, a pilchard tin, two allen keys, and his hat is a cream horn mould.
I put peel off stars on his body and hat coloured it with Peel off pens and alcohol inks and then removed the peel offs.
A Docrafts forum buddy Nicks had challenged us to Alter cutlery.
Originally this was intended to be a robotic Penguin, but then I found the old cream horn tin mould, which fitted snuggly on the head of my project, and everything changed, lol I just had to use it. I had lots of frustrations fixing it all together, in the end I used "Aroldite Rapid" an old favourite of mine, for awkard sticking jobs. Bit by bit and piece by piece, and very slowly, eventually Professor Pilchard- Spooney evolved.LOL. so named because of his Pilchard tin body and his Spoon head and feet.
I just hope that people will get half as much enjoyment seeing him as I have had, creating him.
If you care to leave a comment, it will be the cherry on the cake (Cream horn maybe? lol) for me.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Oh Gwen this is fabby!! You are clever, very original.

And those l;ittle birdcages look very inetersting too!! Don't know if I can be trusted with a soldering iron though.

CAROL said...

Gwen it's brilliant,he's amazing.
I haven't even started thinking about mine yet....

Nicks said...

wowsy wowsy he is so cute and very very original, I love it!

Frankiesue said...

He's making me chuckle..... just hope he don't smell like pilchards though..yuk

Katherine said...

Gave me a great big smile seeing him!

Sian said...

Wow! I've only just seen this. He's absolutely fantastic.